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    1. Lagertha > everyone.

    2. The women are so amazing, I love how strong they are. They are survivors. Each in their own way.

    3. Ragnar. Darling. Could you be any more obvious? How his face lit up as he told Lagertha that Athelstan was alive and how he practically jumped at the bracelet. He was so happy. And those stupid Vikings had to fuck up his plan and now Athelstan will get hurt. (I worry because of the promo posters. (Why haven’t we talked about that he lacks his hand?) This will not end well, I fear. But I would have loved to have the : OMG I came back for you-scene in which Athelstan carefully masks his relief to be found because he is the ultimate survivor and doesn’t want to  piss of king Ecbert.

    4. Only two eps? But what am I to do after they aired?

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  • hollowistheworld:

    The worst kind of writer’s block is the kind where you know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen and everything other single detail but for fuck’s sake, it won’t turn into words.

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  • "Let’s make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise.”

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  • I can’t remember hating a character more than Joffrey. Even though I know everything he’ll do from reading the novels. I was feeling so terrible on Tyrion’s behalf. Brilliant acting on everyone’s side in last night’s ep.

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  • Current wordcount on current writing project: 29199. Yay. And I’m barely in the middle of the thing.

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  • Hey have you seen that sci-fi show?


    you know, the one with River and the Doctor?



    Alright, the one about a group of travelers 



    Okay, but this should clarify, its the one where River was engineered as a child to be a total psychopath 



    Fine. but there’s no way she flies the ship better than the lead character. 



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  • themarysue:

    Read the rest of Rebecca’s recap of Blood Eagle here.

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  • I’m having a George Blagden situation. And he’s still such a baby. I feel bad. ;-)

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  • And because my day wasn’t already sort of fucked up, I watched the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. I’ll be over there in the corner, banging my head against the wall until it all makes sense.

    (It’s just a decoy, right? He is infiltrating Hydra.  Right?)

    (oh and I could have used a warning that it has Captain America 2 spoilers and now I know how the damn movie ends without having seen it. I might have to start hurting people now.)

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  • Urgent security update 


    Bad news. A major vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed,” has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr.

    We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.

    But this…